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Bay Water Boat Club Community Fund LogoHere at Bay Water Boat Club we are passionate about preserving and enhancing our community and the world around us. Our passion has driven us to not sit around but to do something, so we did.

In 2019 our family decided to open the Bay Water Boat Club Community Fund to support what we are most passionate about; the environment, history, education, and animal rescue. We support these four initiatives through outreach in the community. Our family has always believed in giving back.
Under the direction of the Collaboratory (formally known as the SW Florida Community Foundation) who administers the Bay Water Boat Club Fund, this partnership allows us to focus on the important causes we support


Our history is deep here in Bonita Springs, dating back to the ’70s when our family purchased the land where Bay Water Boat Club sits today. Our local history is not just incredibly important to us, but it’s an important part of Bonita Springs as a whole. As we change so does everything around us. Our city has grown and the history of Bonita Springs (named Survey before Bonita) is important to preserve. We have a great Bonita Springs Historical Society located in Downtown Bonita, where you can learn about our city’s rich history.


As we all love to boat in Southwest Florida, we must protect the waterways and wildlife. When you are on a boat surrounded by nature and wildlife beneath, you feel free, the environment is what gives us the ability to enjoy those moments. We must protect it, without protecting our environment we no longer can enjoy what it has to offer.


Education is a necessity in building strong communities. We strongly support education and have donated several thousands of dollars to various organizations to improve/enrich educational programs throughout our area. Most recently, we funded the Lovers Key State Park’s new Discovery Center Education Room with a video about Bonita Springs for visitors and residents to enjoy.

Animal Rescue

Who doesn’t love their fur babies? At Bay Water Boat Club, we treat your pets like family. Many members and guests bring their pets for a day on the water. They love it! Often, you will see little rabbits running around enjoying their time near the docks, they are fun to watch.  We also believe in helping injured wildlife and other species. Without aquatic life’s functions in our waters, we would no longer be able to enjoy our beautiful waterways.

How You Can Help

Each year (Oct- April) we kick off our Bay Water Boat Community Fund by giving away a full year of zero membership dues. This year we are asking members to help us reach our goal of $50,000!

How It Works

For every $100 that you donate to the community fund, you get one entry into the drawing ($200 gets 2 entries and so on). At the end of the season, we draw a winner. How simple is this? To make a donation follow the link below, call the Bay Water Boat Club at (239) 495-0455 with your donation information, or mail in your check to the address below. Thank you! Together, we can make difference to focus on the future for our children and grandchildren by preserving what we all enjoy, the environment, education, history, and animals.

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