Top Boat Brands at Southwest Florida’s Most Exclusive Boat Club

Top Boat Brands at Southwest Florida’s Most Exclusive Boat Club

Apr 30, 2020 | News

One of the biggest benefits of joining a boat club is the variety of boats you have available to you. If you are purchasing a boat, it can be a lot of pressure to find the perfect boat to get the most features for the best price. With a boat club membership, you have the opportunity to try out different models depending on what you are looking for that day.

Whether you have family in town and need a large boat for a day of fun on the water, or are looking for a quiet fishing day, you can find a boat that works. At Bay Water Boat Club, we give our members access at top of the line, fully loaded boats from the best manufacturers. We’re highlighting some of the manufacturers in our fleet to show you what we have to offer!

Pontoon Boats at Bay Water Boat Club

We carry a large number of pontoon boats at Bay Water Boat Club. Pontoon boats are most known for comfort – most have a large amount of seating and provide a smooth ride for relaxing and cruising on the water. Great for large groups, we have many different options for any of your needs including entertaining, water sports, and fishing.

Bay Water Boat Club carries 10 Bennington Pontoons in our fleet. Founded in 1997 by a group of industry veterans, Bennington is a leading luxury pontoon boat manufacturer. They are focused on leading in innovation and design with meticulous attention to detail and quality. We offer a variety of options, with many fishing pontoons which are just as comfortable as a regular pontoon but come equipped with all the best fishing equipment.

Avalon Pontoons have been around since 1972 and specialize in luxury, high-performance pontoon boats. Their pontoons are designed to take you where you want to go in comfort and style and are perfect for a day of fun out on the water. Bay Water Boats carries their famous 25ft Avalon Platinum Funship which is a double-decker pontoon that seats up to 12 and has a water slide from the top deck.

Bay Water Boat Club carries one Misty Harbor tritoon which is a club favorite. Misty Harbor has been a family-owned company since it’s inception in 1989, and they maintain a commitment to provide quality boats. The tritoon is one of the fastest in our fleet and is perfect for a cruise on the water, or tubing and skiing.

Premier Pontoons is a pontoon manufacturer whose boats are a blend of the best in classic design, distinctive styling, and superb engineering. They have been a family-owned pontoon boat company since 1992. In the Bay Water fleet, you can find the 29ft Premier Grand Entertainer which is known as the “Cadillac of pontoon boats”, featuring a full bar with 4 bar stools – it’s perfect for entertaining friends and family as you cruise. We also carry their 31ft Premier Boundary Waters Double-Decker Pontoon which is one of the smoothest boats in our fleet, that seats up to 18 with a water slide and top deck seating.

Center Console Boats at Bay Water Boat Club

Center console boats are best known as fishing boats and are a popular choice for in-shore and off-shore anglers. With the helm conveniently located in the center, leading and open deck bow and stern, they are perfect for easy casting and reeling in your catch of the day. We carry several center console boats from top manufacturers whose names are synonymous with fishing.

Mako boats have provided saltwater anglers rugged, fishing-featured and comfortable inshore and offshore boats for any adventure since 1967. We carry one boat in our fleet from their Skiff line which is perfect for a day fishing up on the water for up to 4 people. Its small size allows you to fish in many rivers, creeks, and kayak paths no other boat can reach.

Carolina Skiff has been a top manufacturer of fishing boats for years, and with their Ultra-Elite series have delivered the apex of quality, versatility, and performance. The shallow draft allows you to fish the flats, and the redesigned hull also allows you to fish the bay and nearshore reefs comfortably. As one of the most versatile fishing boats in our fleet, it works for every type of fisherman.

 Robalo Boats is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, fiberglass fishing boats. Membership at Bay Water Boats gives you access to one of their most popular models, the 246 Cayman which can seat up to 8, and is equipped with the best features to take your inshore & offshore fishing capabilities to the next level.

Hydra-Sports boats is an American boat builder with 40 years of experience and innovation. Their custom sportfishing center console boats combine convenience and comfort with optional fishing features to be suitable for all boaters. Their 19ft Flats Boat is the ultimate backwater and bay boat, which has a shallow enough draft to fish almost anywhere in Estero Bay, can be found at Bay Water Boat Club.

Deck Boats at Bay Water Boat Club

A deck boat is a versatile boat, designed with maximum open space and speed for recreational water sports, fishing, cruising and entertaining. Because of their versatility, they are great for a family day out on the water.

Bay Water Boat Club carries 8 different Hurricane Boats in our fleet, including 5 of the 23ft Hurricane Sundeck which is the best selling boat in Southwest Florida. The versatility makes it perfect for cruising, going to the beach, fishing, and water sports. You can’t go wrong with this choice!

Chaparral Boats is another leading manufacturer of quality fiberglass boats. You can find The 25ft Suncoast at Bay Water Boats, which has one of the largest bow areas in its class with an open seating arrangement in the cockpit and can seat up to 14 people.

Join Bay Water Boat Club Today!

As you can see, Bay Water Boat Club carries an extensive fleet of boats from top manufacturers to suit all your needs. Not to mention we have a contractual 10:1-member ratio, making us the most exclusive boat club in Southwest Florida. This will ensure you can always find a great boat for you whether it’s for a day of fishing, cruising, or entertaining. If you are ready to experience the boating lifestyle made easy, call Bay Water Boat Club at (239) 495-0455 today!

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